First Coast High School NJROTC

Area 12 Championships

Teams that perform exceptionally well at competitions against other units may be selected to attend the Area 12 Championships for their team. There are currently just over 60 units in Area 12 meaning teams are very competitive. First Coast has attended the Area 12 Drill Championships many times in the past few years. The goal for the current school year is to attend Drill Championships again, as well as Championships for Orienteering, Athletics, and Air Rifle!

Unarmed Basic Drill

The Unarmed Basic Drill Team performs a preset drill card without any equipment, with the exception of the guideon bearer (hence the name "Unarmed"). This team requires the perfection of drill movements to the utmost degree and members must have a thorough and complete understanding of drill as a result. Sharp, crisp movements that all members are in sync with is key to earning a higher score. The Unarmed Basic Team at First Coast has earned many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies at various Area 12 Sanctioned Drill Meets.

Unarmed Exhibition Drill

The Unarmed Exhibition Drill Team does not have a preset drill card to perform. Each team develops their own routine and incorporates their own movements into it. The only stipulation is that the card must be performed in a military manner, with proper bearing, and there must be a "military flair" to the movements.

Armed Basic Drill

The Armed Basic Drill Team, similar to the Unarmed Team, has a preset card to perform. Unlike the Unarmed Team, the Armed Team carries rifles for their performance and demonstrates their proficiency with the Manual of Arms. For this routine, the crispness of rifle movements are the major factor in determining the score.

Armed Exhibition Drill

The Armed Exhibition Drill Team incorporates the use of rifles into a uniquely developed routine. This is the team that spins rifles and performs tricks with them. The quality of the routine is determined by creativity, the level of rigor of the movements, and having good control of the rifle.

Color Guard

The Color Guard Team performs at various important ceremonies and functions. A color guard is a detail that carries the national ensign (the American flag) in addition to the standards of other military branches and is flanked by rifles on both sides. The purpose of a color guard is to pay respect to our country as well as honor all who have given their service in the name of our country. The First Coast color guard team has performed at several functions including a memorial day ceremony at the Veterans Memorial Wall, a naturalization ceremony, multiple graduation ceremonies, and sports events.


The Athletics Team competes against other units in various events that tests cadets' physical fitness. Some of these events include a standard challenge of completing as many push-ups or sit-ups as possible on a cadence tape or a relay race (16x100/8x220). There are many other events that are more creative as well, such as the seabag relay where cadets have to pass a 40lb seabag back and forth. Many units create their own athletic challenges and invite others to compete in friendly and fun competition.


The Orienteering team utilizes maps, compasses, and other navigational aides to conduct a "scavenger hunt" style competition where cadets must go out into a heavily wooded area and search for markers that have been laid out and marked on their maps. Competiting in orienteering competitions emulates the sense of adventure in going into unfamiliar territory and having to navigate through it.

Air Rifle

The Air Rifle team practices their markmanship skills with Pre-Charged Pneumatic air rifles that accurately simulate the experience of shooting rifles that are in use by the military. Cadets enter into competition with schools with the focus beng on precision and accuracy with the shots. The most important component taught with air rifle is proper gun handling and safety, with all shooters being required to pass the air rifle safety exam with a 100 percent before they handle the rifle. The study guide for the safety exam can be found here


The Academics team enters into competitions with other units to demonstrate their knowledge of not only the military, but core subjects and current events. The most common form of competition for the team is a Jeopardy style match between units called a brain brawl, where teams are equipped with only buzzers, paper, pencil, and their brain, and they answer questions to earn points.