First Coast High School NJROTC

Ribbon Checker

In the NJROTC program, ribbons may be earned for meeting various criteria. A full list of the criteria can be found in the CFM. The ribbons have an established order of precedence that they are worn with on the ribbon bar.The ribbons with the highest precedence are placed the highest on the bar and are the closest to the center of the body. The ribbons with the lowest precedence are placed the lowest on ribbon bar and are the furthest from the center of the body. There are 25 ribbons that are associated with the NJROTC program. Additional ribbons may be earned as special awards and these ribbons do not have a set precedence like those found on the chart. They have lower precedence than the NJROTC ribbons and are worn after them.

Click on the ribbons below that you have to see the proper order that they must be worn in.