First Coast High School NJROTC

Weekly Schedule

Monday: Uniform Inspection/Academics. Uniform of the day: NSU
Tuesday: Uniform Inspection/Academics. Uniform of the day: NSU
Wednesday: Drill. Uniform of the day: Civilian clothes
Thursday: Physical Training. Uniform of the day: Navy PT Gear
Friday: Physical Training. Uniform of the day: Navy PT Gear

Classroom Procedures (Rituals and Routines)


These rituals and routines are designed to:
-Enhance the learning experience and classroom environment.
-Stress the teaching of self-discipline, self-confidence, teamwork, leadership, and organization.
-Contribute to achieving and maintaining high standards of discipline, citizenship, and self-respect demanded of students in this program.
-Aid cadets in developing positive personal behavior habits and characteristics.


  1. Prior to the ringing of the tardy (second bell) bell, cadets will stand at parade rest by their desk with their NJROTC notebooks placed on the upper right hand corner of their desk.
  2. Cadets will be divided into four squads (groups). Squad leaders will spot check individual squad members to ensure cadets have all required classroom materials. This is daily graded classroom event!
  3. After the last bell has rung, the classroom PC will call muster for all cadets. When a cadet is called, the proper response will be given which is going to attention and saying "Here Sir/Ma'am". If a cadet arrives tardy, he or she will stand at attention at the door until an appropriate time for requesting "Permission to come aboard?" The PC or instructor will then give permission or deny entry to the classroom. Permission to enter the classroom tardy is normally dependant on if the cadet has a tardy slipt or written excuse.
  4. After Muster is finished, the PC will ask cadets a few warm-up qestions for the day. The Platoon's response will be to snap to attention before answering the question. The last question to be asked is what platoon's cadet creed is.
  5. Once finished, the PC will then give the platoon "Seats". The proper response for each platoon member is to snap to attention and say "Seats aye sir/ma'am". The PC will then say "Sit" followed by counting down from five to one. Upon the PC reaching one, each cadet in the platoon will say freeze and should be in their seats with their hands placed against their lap. The PC will then give the command "Adjust" after which each cadet is free to move in his/her seat.
  6. The PC will then read off the brief sheet followed by the calender.
  7. After this, the class will then be turned over to one of the instructors for the day's lesson or activity.