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Welcome to First Coast NJROTC!

Welcome, this is the home website of the First Coast High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program! Here you can find information on current events and activities in the unit, as well as other supplementary materials that can aid any cadet in the pursuit of knowledge regarding the NJROTC program. If you have any questions about our unit, please view the Frequently Asked Questions listed below or contact our instructors.

To stay up to date on our upcoming events, please sign up on Planet High School and follow our program, First Coast High School Navy JROTC.

ASVAB dates are Feb 13 and May 8 at 0800 in the auditorium. Sign up at the counselors corner after Christmas.

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2016 Wild Card Drill Meet

First Coast NJROTC did an outstanding job at this year's AMI, earning a Bravo Zulu for their efforts. Job well done!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the NJROTC program?

The NJROTC program, founded in 1964 under the ROTC Vitalization Act, has a mission of promoting patriotism, developing leadership potential, developing informed and responsible citizens, providing information on the military services, and promoting a higher education.

If I join an ROTC program, am I required or pressured to join the military?

There is no obligation whatsoever for any cadet enrolled in the program to join the military! The primary goal of the program is to teach cadets knowledge about the military, and also to instill them with essential character traits and skills that will make them informed and responsible citizens capable of overcoming any obstacles. The program is designed to help the cadet with any endeavor, not to force them to serve in the military.

How does the NJROTC program help me when joining the Navy?

In addition to covering several important topics such as seamanship, navigation, military structure, and leadership, completing two years with the program makes a cadet entering the United States Navy eligible for advancement to Seaman Apprentice upon enlistment. Completing three or more years grants eligibility for advancement to Seaman. If a cadet decides to join the United States Marine Corps, they will receive a similar bonus but will be limited to advancement to Private First Class, due to different requirements for advancement.

About Our Instructors

Lieutenant Commander Shawn Stebbins (USN RET)


Chief Petty Officer Thayer Mack (USN RET)


Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Glocke (USMC RET)